Wednesday, May 2, 2007

maybe somebody can explain this to me.

Okay. So I'm not the most informed person. I ignored this war for a long time out of utter disgust before I finally realised that I could do more about it if I was paying attention. I need some help here before I take a stance on this veto that just happened. Of course, I'm glad to just protest my heart out on the grounds that I hate Bush for his redneck anti-gay anti-choice anti-stem cell research agenda, and not give him what he wants out of pure spite. But on top of that, I feel like I don't really have a grasp on what we're doing here.

I mean...
What are we doing over there in Iraq, again?
I could be wrong here, but um... aside from the "war on terror," we're supposed to be establishing democracy, right? When I watched "The War Tapes," a video composed of footage shot by soldiers in the national guard, all I saw was the soldiers guarding the KBR (Read: Halliburton) trucks (full of Pizza Hut, Subway, and Burger King food... for the troops. So our tax money is going to these corporations so they can feed our troops their shitty mutated food - awesome). I don't know what other soldiers are doing, but that's ludicrous. And some randoms were trying to blow up the food trucks for some reason (I don't blame them, honestly).

So establishing democracy. I thought they had a vote. So... uh. They're a democracy, can we go now? And wait a sec - Why the fuck are we establishing democracy!!??! What about TERROR!? I don't understand the link between the two, here. As for terror - wouldn't it be more effective to hire some inside guys to sneak around and infiltrate and leak us info and then we get in there with snipers and boom, no terror... more efficient than whatever the hell they ARE doing, right? So... what's this about democracy? Why the hell do we care if they're democratic or not? What about democracy in Rwanda? In Darfur? People are killing each other all over the place, why are we focusing on Iraq? There are tons of places that aren't democracies - Why not establish democracy in China?

So. I can understand this part. Bush said "It makes no sense to tell the enemy when you plan to start withdrawing."

IF (we are in iraq fighting "terror")
IF (we pull out of iraq with a timetable)
THEN (that would be a bad idea)

BUT... We're not over there fighting terror at all! Who is this "enemy"!? Where the hell are the terrorists!??!? We've been bombing shit for so long, I think they're dead. I mean... I don't think the terrorists are the people doing car bombs and stuff. I think those guys just want us to leave! And I don't blame them! ...I want us to leave too! I admit that I don't know what "insurgents" actually means. Who are those guys? (Okay. i just wiki'd it. And... Basically, yeah. They're guys who don't want us around. But seriously, who blames them!?? I must be missing something here. They're terrorizing for a reason the same way we are... Oh wait. What's our reason?)

So... on top of that, we're training a military for the Iraqi people now? WHYYYYYYYYY. Why don't we take sides on Rwanda and train a military for the Tutsi people? Why are we all up in Iraq's shit? That's THEIR problem, getting an army together for whatever reason, I say. There are people starving in America. We're exploiting the fuck out of Mexico. Take that money and pay American workers fair wages to make their Gap jeans. I mean, it's nice of us to help out, I guess. But what makes that our main objective? It's not like we're just deciding to give them some money for training, either. It's involving us killing people (civilians included)... And us sending our poor youth away to die. (Like poor as in "needing money for college so they don't end up homeless", not like "aw poor youth".)

Ohhhh. Cos we need OIL. But wait. Isn't funding for scientific research (for alternative fuel) and laws making corporations comply CHEAPER than a full-on WAR?!!! Military spending is OUT of control. (The whole "$400 hammer" thing.) On "The War Tapes" the guys said that for a PLATE of food, Halliburton charged the USA $40. And sometimes they had two plates. Ok, you have to get it over to Iraq and all. But still. That's some expensive food, yo. Anyway. Point is. Scientists are cheaper than weapons. AND NOBODY DIES. THAT IS WHAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

So. Based on what I know. We're over there just fucking around. And Democrats said "Okay, okay, enough fucking around. Let's get the hell out of here." And Bush said "NO I WANNA I WANNA I WANNANANANANANANAAAAAAAAAAA WAHHHHHHHHH". But you know what, Mister President? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT. You are elected (insert scoffing about election here) to REPRESENT the American people. You are not elected to do whatever the hell you want to do... Which is where I don't even understand the logic of the veto option being there. If the American people say let's get the hell out of Iraq, GET. THE. HELL. OUT. OF. IRAQ. This ain't a chess game, you don't get to decide, it's lives lost. This is supposed to be a democracy where the majority rules. I don't get it.

Also, it's interesting that Tony Blair is stepping down now... Convenient timing?

Also. Britney is back! Sort of.

In conclusion, I am sure there are things I'm missing here. Feel free to set me straight. I'm confused.


Bizner: Cubicle Monkey said...

My advice to you? Start drinking heavily.

Better listen to him, flounder, he's pre-med.
Wanna know something really fucked up about this war? My brother went to Iraq in 2003-4, and my Dad bought him the body armor he wore. The armor the Army gave him sucked, so my dad bought him body armor from

Also, since Tyler was an officer (Lieutenant), every time he ate a meal the cost of the meal was taken out of his pay. He paid for his meals in Iraq, they weren't just given to him.

When Bush came at Thanksgiving with the big fucking turkey for the troops? Tyler was in the next tent over, eating MRE's. That's pasta and year old beef and shit from a plastic bag, and it cost him every time he ate.

But remember, if you don't support the war, you don't support the troops...

Kate E. Austin said...

I remember my mom saying, back then, that your parents had to buy him body armor. The whole thing is just beyond comprehension. How do they get away with it?

Kate E. Austin said...

Mind if I cut and paste this in my LJ (or myspace blog, even)? I have more readers there, and the more people that know what's really going on in Iraq the better.