Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why I like Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King day is more than a day off of school or work. It's more than just some boring fairy tale from history class. The man existed. He was a revolutionary. He spoke out against injustice, discrimination against the impoverished, against inequality, against the Vietnam War... When he spoke, people listened. Things started to change. And he was murdered for it.

Celebrating his birthday is a way to say, "Hey, this guy had a good message and we still believe in it. You can kill him, but you can't kill what he stood for, and we aren't forgetting, we aren't going back to our TV sets and ipods to veg out and plug in, we aren't going to swallow the lies you feed us, we're still fighting for justice and equality and freedom... and you can't kill ALL of us!"

So come out to this event if you're in Glens Falls, or find one in your town if you're not. Community is what this is all about.

Stand up and make a difference.
Let's join together to fight the good fight.

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